Welcome to the new incarnation of stelladel.com, unlike the previous site this will focus on extracts from the three core stories that I am writing. The intention is for me to self-publish all stories through Amazon-Kindle, the painful lesson from my dealings with the New York Literacy Agency in 2007 which in effect killed off my willingness to continue any writing. The project “Behind Blue Eyes” has been shelved for now but may be revived one day depending upon how the other stories fair. Unlike 2007 Social Networking will play its part and your voice is as important as the writing, if no-one knows then it’s harder to get the feedback required to put out something worth reading.

As well as my “Projects” I will also open the site up for anyone who wants to submit a short story and will give their credentials and not mine for their work, unpaid of course.

It’s always important to get good feedback and that’s what I need from the stories that are published, even if your comment is short or you may not deem it noteworthy send it anyway.

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