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Chapter One -Naked

He didn’t recognize the room, looking round for familiar items, something that might trigger his memory, but nothing, the curtains drawn to hide any daylight from entering. He looked over to the bed and saw the girl lying there, was she sleeping? Who was she?

He couldn’t remember seeing her before, where the hell was he?

He walked across to the girl on the large bed, a blanket draped over her, shrouding the curves of her body. He looked at her face; her skin was smooth and slightly tanned, Mediterranean he thought. Her high cheek bones magnified her lips red and inviting.

He touched her dark blonde hair, soft to the touch and long enough to go just beyond her shoulders. Her neck was long and slender and slowly he ran his finger down it to where the blanket obscured his view of her body. The gold chain she wore, long enough that the cross rested between her breasts. He felt a longing in his loins, who was this girl, how old was she? He looked back at her face and studied it but another part of his mind demanded that he pull back the blanket covering her. He resisted the temptation and tried to focus on her face “she can’t be more than twenty years old” speaking out loud but there was no one listening and still she slept.

Now the blanket that had covered her from him was drawn back revealing her nakedness to him, he looked up how had the blanket moved “who’s there?” but still the only words that echoed in the room where his own. She had been unwrapped before him like a box of candy and now he wanted to indulge in the sweetness that lay their naked before him.  Now he moved his hand across her breast slowly his finger touched her nipple. The girl flinched  but still she slept, He stepped back waiting for her to awake, startled by his presence but nothing and he returned his hand to her naked body standing over the bed wanting to join her. Slowly his hand moved down her stomach approaching the small mound of hair that lay between her long legs. Now his lips kissed her stomach inch by inch working towards her legs, her thighs…

He heard laughter, “What was that” he stopped and looked up,  panic stricken he looked at the girls face but still she slept. The light in the room had dimmed without him realising but there was no one there, the laughter had stopped. Now fear of being caught but by whom? He looked across the room again and noticed the old wooden chair placed in the corner facing the bed but no one was sitting on it. He raised himself from the naked girl wanting to taste so much more of her but now he felt another presence in the room but saw nothing.  Now unsure what to do or where to go he took the blanket and covered the girl, his precious commodity…

Again laughter, but this time his mind focused on the location and he looked directly at the chair in the corner. A shadow, a small shadow moved slowly from the chair growing in size as it moved towards him, the laughter had stopped but the shadow moved towards the bed, In an instant the blanket was again pulled away from the girl unaware sleeping through the nightmare that unfolded but not in her dreams.

Now the shadow cast a hand across the girl inviting him to renew his fantasy but as he stepped back the shadow moved forward, he felt for the handle of the door desperately turning it but nothing, the door never moved. Was it locked? Now frantic his hand fumbled against the door hoping to find a key but there was none.

The shadow moved over him, he felt it taste him and then his world fell into darkness.